WORK[Etc] Launches All-In-One CRM iPhone App

San Francisco-based WORK[etc], a Google for Work Authorized Technology Partner, announces the launch of its all-in-one CRM iPhone App, allowing small companies to now run their entire business from a mobile device.

Already used by 1,200 businesses worldwide, WORK[etc]’s new all-in-one CRM app allows teams to completely manage a customer’s lifecycle from closing the initial sale, to delivering the project, invoicing and customer support on any iPhone.

Available via the App Store, this latest release offers a fresh new UI, numerous performance and navigation enhancements, and new as well as overhauled modules for collaboration, support, time tracking, contact and project management.

“This app can be invaluable for entrepreneurs looking to expand their business by making sure every part of their workflow is accessible and easily manageable no matter where they are,” says WORK[etc] founder and CEO Daniel Barnett. “One of the key aspects of WORK[etc] is the app’s intuitive centralized dashboard, which uses iOS’ features to their full extent, giving our users a dynamic experience without requiring them to have major technical expertise,”  he adds.

Moving beyond traditional management solutions that require companies with limited resources to run numerous applications for business-critical aspects, WORK[etc] seamlessly combines the right tools into one user friendly, out of the box platform.

“You can’t run a business on a CRM system alone,” says Barnett. “But that is WORK[etc]’s difference. Our app’s ability to centralize all the necessary business tools from management software to billing and more, in one platform and from one device,” he explains.

Having already tested the Beta platform extensively for the last 6 months, the WORK[etc] team has redesigned many features, such as the contacts module— allowing users to easily reply to co-worker queries, delegate responses from specific project members, and filter entire conversations with a single swipe.

For iOS 8 users, the WORK[etc] features its own widget that is accessible directly from the home screen of the device. This allows users to easily see reminders, view any running timers on projects, and start or pause timesheets without opening the app. Other updates include easy creation and editing of projects and leads, attaching new items to projects, and the ability to edit specific projects with one swipe.

As more small and medium sized businesses turn towards powerful all-in-one software solutions, unique platforms like WORK[etc] are becoming increasingly invaluable for their ability to provide business-critical tools at an affordable price. According to research company Software Advice, the demand from small businesses requesting integrated CRM suites has dramatically risen from 7% in 2013 to 42% in 2014 in the US alone.

“From the start we’ve recognized the need for a hassle-free all-in-one business management solution that goes beyond what the average CRM can do while still keeping it within reach of a small business owner’s budget,” Barnett adds.

With WORK[etc]’s Android mobile app already in the works, the CRM’s unique ability to provide all the necessary tools via one robust mobile platform are set to make it a go-to tool for businesses worldwide.


Founded By Daniel Barnett in 2011, WORK[etc] streamlines workflows by automating many day-to-day tasks and providing real-time insight into how businesses are tracking. WORK[etc} allows businesses to become more efficient with its combined Web CRM, Projects, and Billing platform.