TIPIT Is Offering 25 Free Invites For Your Readers To Join The World’s First Interactive Yuccie Community

July, 2015 — New video app TIPIT, the world’s first virtual community for Young Urban Creatives – Yuccies – is offering 25 free invites for you to deliver to your readers. This exciting new app, which will launch soon on iOS, promises to wow the creative community with the first mobile video editing capabilities of its kind for smartphone users. TIPIT is ideal for imaginative, ambitious and expressive individuals looking to interact with people on their wavelength.

The app’s unique video editing software is designed for people involved in the fields of creation and design, as well as those interested in video editing and filmmaking. Unlike other video apps, TIPIT brings high quality desktop video editing software capabilities to mobile. The founders aim for TIPIT to create buzz among artists and creators, which could have a big impact on the world of video-based social media within this exclusive community.

“Our product will allow artists to unleash their creativity and challenge other like-minded people – and all from their mobile device,” explains TIPIT’s product and creative advisor, Uri Ar. “As a creator, you can bring your own graphic and animation to any video, which removes limits from creativity. TIPIT’s community for creators is unlike anything else currently on the market.”

Existing examples of successful image and video-based communities are Vine and Instagram, with Instagram estimated to be worth $35 billion. However, the video editing that Vine offers is minimal, with basic trimming and cropping, while Instagram only allows users to add filters to their recordings. They key difference with TIPIT is that it provides video editing capabilities that belong to a video editor, like motion-tracking, incorporating external objects graphics, remixing, and more.  

The TIPIT team boasts the knowledge and experience to make this enterprise a success: For example, Ar was previously involved in developing a host of interactive media products, including Houzz and video platform, Metacafe.

“Our demo has already blown away our current investors and we are still refining our final product,” adds Ar. “The video creators are a community that is bound to grow. The market must grow with it, and we are the first to pick up on the social media needs of this new generation of creatives.”


TIPIT is a video company aiming to inspire the world to live more creatively. Through TIPIT app, we encourage our community to tip their inner artist into videos and use videography as a gateway back to creativity. With its technology, TIPIT lets you easily add interactive objects, captions, special effects and smart filters that motion-track anything in your video. TIPIT is the best way to create beautiful short films with your creativity in it.