Rokk3r Labs Announces Exponential Organizations Workshop, Hosted By Award Winning Author And The Founding Executive Director Of Singularity University, Salim Ismail

May 20th 2015 – Miami-based Rokk3r Labs cobuilding platform announces the Exponential Organizations Workshop that will be hosted by award winning author, Founding Executive Director and current Global Ambassador of Singularity University, Salim Ismail.

The event will take place on Monday, June 1, 2015 from 9:30am-6:00pm at the Idea Center at Miami Dade College. The address is 315 Northeast 2nd Ave, Building 8, 5th Floor Miami, FL 33132.

Register for this exclusive event at www.rokk3rlabs.com/exo.

The rapid pace of technological change across all industries has been disrupting legacy organizations in recent years. Cisco’s CEO John Chambers believes that only 1 out of 3 major corporations will survive the next 25 years and as he said at last year’s CISCO Live conference, “We need to change.”

Since 2010, the business world has witnessed the emergence of a new type of company – the Exponential Organization – that has revolutionized how companies accelerate their growth and success by leveraging new organizational principles and exponential technologies.

The traits exponential organizations exhibit and how companies of all sizes can benefit from integrating these traits are the key elements of the Exponential Organizations Workshop, and the focal point of Ismail’s book, Exponential Organizations: Why New Organizations are Ten Times Better, Faster and Cheaper Than Yours (And What To Do About It), which won the 2014 Frost and Sullivan Growth, Innovation and Leadership (GIL) Book of the Year award.

Participants at this one-day crash course will walk away with a clear understanding that if their organizations do not adopt the Exponential Organizations principles and frameworks, they might be left behind in this age of disruptive technology.

In addition to learning from and interacting with Ismail, the Exponential Organizations Workshop is an opportunity to network and share ideas with local business leaders across all industries. In March of this year, the first Exponential Organizations Workshop in Miami had over 200 people and 130 companies in attendance.

“Entrepreneurs and dreamers all over the world have the ideas, ingenuity and talent to enable exponential innovation,” says Rokk3r Labs CEO Nabyl Charania. “Salim Ismail’s Exponential Organizations Workshop in partnership with Rokk3r Labs exists to help entrepreneurs and business leaders understand how to harness exponential technologies and innovative organizational techniques to create ventures that change the world.”

Exponential Organizations

Exponential Organizations leverage an abundance of talent, resources and ideas with cutting-edge technology and innovative business strategies to create highly scalable companies that are 10 times more impactful than their competitors. These companies, many of which have reached billion-dollar valuations in just a few short years, generally exhibit a set of common traits, including what Ismail calls a “Massive Transformative Purpose” (MTP) – a higher aspirational calling that empowers and enables the impetus for rapid growth for companies, and brings amplification and cohesion to aspirations.

Some of the best examples of exponential organizations are ridesharing service Uber and short-term real estate rental market Airbnb, who have both demonstrated various characteristics of exponential organizations such as leveraging exponential technologies and harnessing abundance to achieve billion-dollar valuations in just a few short years.

About Salim Ismail

Esteemed entrepreneur Salim Ismail is the Executive Director and current Global Ambassador of the Singularity University and leading author of Exponential Organizations: Why New Organizations are Ten Times Better, Faster and Cheaper Than Yours (And What To Do About It). Previously, Ismail was a vice president at Yahoo where he founded and ran Brickhouse, the company’s internal incubator for new products. Ismail’s last company, Angstro, was bought by Google in August 2010.

About Rokk3r Labs

Rokk3r Labs is the best place in the world to launch companies that change the world. It is a platform for investors, entrepreneurs and organizations to increase value, mitigate risks and stay at the edge of innovation. With a focus on leveraging exponential technologies and implementing new-age methods of raising capital, Rokk3r Labs is harnessing global collective genius to cobuild companies that change the world. Currently, Rokk3r Labs has a portfolio of 25 companies that are co-building to disrupt various industries. To learn more, visit www.rokk3rlabs.com.


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