Cleanint Launches The Cleanstylus For Tablets,

Texas-based Cleanint announces the launch if its Cleanstylus line for Microsoft, Apple and Android tablet devices, aims to create the next generation of stylish and practical tablet accessories. Having already produced a number of unique products focused on promoting public health by combining medical expertise with practicality, the Cleanint team has now developed a line […]

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ExactDrive Reaches Milestone of 1,000 User Sign Ups

ExactDrive announces its newest milestone of 1,000 worldwide user signups for its online self-serve advertising platform, aiming to give businesses an unprecedented tailored control of their online advertising campaigns. With the company now boasting a new office in Milwaukee, WI, an increasing amount of businesses continue to sign up to ExactDrive’s transparent self-advertising online platform, […]

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AppInstitute announces $750K investment to bring mobile Apps to small businesses everywhere

UK-Based AppInstitute announces a $750K investment by the Foresight Nottingham Fund. Dubbed the ‘Wordpress’ for mobile Apps, AppInstitute aims to be at the forefront of the mobile App platform industry. AppInstitute’s cloud-based service aims to reshape the App market by providing a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that allows businesses and individuals with little […]

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Monitr Launches Its Finance API For Developers

Monitr launches its finance API for developers, providing new tools to analyze sentiment and trends in economic data, financial news and social media. The Monitr API provides access to both historical and real-time data and gives developers, financial institutions, businesses, and individuals new tools and information to analyze financial markets at scale and market speed. […]

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FreeFly881 Announces Android App Launch

Ontario-based FreeFly881 announces the launch of its app for Android phones and tablets, aims to reshape global communication by removing international calling charges on all devices. Building on its recent iOS App launch last fall, the FreeFly881 team have now developed an app for Android users — individuals and business people alike — that will […]

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Belgian-Based Coffee Shop Freelancers Announces Its Launch

Antwerp-based startup Coffee Shop Freelancers announces its launch, aims to improve the way freelancers and independent workers market themselves in physical environments and co-working spaces. The Coffee Shop Freelancers service provides users with high quality laptop decals for their computers in order to advertise themselves and get noticed in real-life working environments. Stemming from the […]

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Handwrytten Launches its Android App

Handwrytten announces the release of their innovative app and service for Android, which aims to bring back the lost art of letter writing in a new and innovative way.  Combining old world charm with new mobile technology and robotics, Handwrytten allows you to send an array of beautiful, finely crafted, letterpress and print cards with […]

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Former VentureBeat Writer Announces The Launch Of Publicize 2.0

Former VentureBeat writer Conrad Egusa announces the launch of Publicize 2.0, aiming to change the way startups approach PR by reshaping the process and providing an unparalleled, transparent and productized PR solution. Already highlighted for its fresh outlook on PR by leading publications, Publicize’s new platform is set to complement businesses’ changing views on traditional […]

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