Kansas City Steaks Featured on Google Economic Report after Success of Hyper-Targeting Strategy by NetElixir

Princeton, NJ – Leading internet marketing agency NetElixir announced the success of their recent pay-per-click (PPC) campaign for client Kansas City Steaks, which earned the company a feature in the sixth annual Google Economic Impact Report for May 2015. This digital marketing success story comes after NetElixir utilized unique search engine marketing strategies to push online conversion rates.

The Kansas City Steak Company is a family-run business and leading producer of premium beef, poultry, seafood and other luxury food-types. It has moved more than 50% of its business online since the early 1990s, and since 2011, NetElixir has managed its paid search campaigns as a means of driving more sales conversions online.

Starting with a year-over-year growth of 11% in 2011, the company’s paid search now grows at over 25% each year. In 2014, Kansas City Steaks grew PPC as a percentage of their site revenue from 30% to 34%. Although their non-brand ads required a 27% higher spend, they generated 32% higher revenues. Non-brand ad assisted conversions also increased by 108%. These successes can be linked to a personalized range of PPC tactics used by NetElixir for the KCS account:

“The first thing we did was take a step back and make an in-depth company and consumer profile for KCS. By truly understanding their clients and what makes them buy from KCS rather than competitors – along with what they buy, when they buy and from where – we started out the process on a strong foot,” says Udayan Bose CEO of NetElixir.

After identifying buyer groups in specific geographical hotspots around the U.S.A, and isolating times in the day at which consumers in these zones were most active, NetElixir was able to build a search marketing plan aimed at the “right” buyer group.

The next step included molding hyper-targeted campaigns which focused on all key customer groups and geographies highlighted in the customer profiling section. This tactic included using custom sets of keywords for various groups, along with locally customized ad copies.

NetElixir utilized its offices outside of the U.S.A -in the U.K and India – to monitor site traffic on a 24 hour basis and identify the right “day-parts” when consumers search and when they buy. It then redistributed the budget to focus on specific hours in which high-sales were noted, such as 3pm, 5.30pm and 9pm.

“NetElixir has continued to impress me with quick reaction times, in-depth knowledge and strong results in the PPC market. Our sales from PPC have consistently been growing faster than our costs, with year-over-year growth exceeding 30% last year and 50% so far this year. Their impressive attention to detail and the highly personalized campaign strategy sets them apart from the market competition,” says Bob Daberkow, Director of Marketing of The Kansas City Steak Company.

The success of the campaign was immediately obvious, and during the holiday season in particular, paid search revenue increased by a whopping 44%. NetElixir succeeded in increasing non-brand ad revenue by 45%, while only increasing spending by 17%. Paid search as a whole assisted in increasing conversions by 27% from the previous year.


The Princeton based NetElixir team consists of search marketing engineers, data scientists, technologists, and global operations managers. The team has used 10+ years of constant analysis and research to find the formula for providing magical search marketing performance.