Sensoro and Semtech Sponsored First MIT Internet of Things (IoT) Bootcamp, Exposing The Next-Generation Of Innovators To The Power Of Smart Devices

The bootcamp helped students develop next-generation IoT applications to solve real-world challenges

SEATTLE, July 10 2017 – Sensoro, a leading sensor device and network technology company, and Semtech (Nasdaq: SMTC), a leading supplier of high performance analog and mixed-signal semiconductors and advanced algorithms, sponsored a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Bootcamp dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT). The aim of the bootcamp was to expose teams of students to the potential uses of IoT by allowing them to experiment with the LoRaWAN™ protocol provided by the LoRa Alliance™.

The event had around 40 participants who were divided into small working teams to generate ideas on how to make a positive impact on communities across the world. A leading example was the development of a wireless sensor system to monitor water levels in drainage systems. The purpose of the system was to prevent natural floods in Turkey, where flash floods account for millions of dollars in damage, as well as many injuries and deaths.

The team’s solution was to utilize wireless sensors to help mitigate this problem. The team implemented a LoRaWAN network to power the water level sensors, each connecting to a LoRaWAN-enabled gateway. The LoRaWAN protocol offers unique and unequaled benefits in terms of bi-directionality, security, mobility and accurate localization that are not addressed by other LPWAN technologies. These benefits can provide the diverse use cases and business models that are expected to enable deployments of large-scale LPWAN IoT networks globally.

The data gathered on water levels then allows for alerts to be sent via email or SMS. The students also set up a traffic control scheme that green-lighted the evacuation route. This system would allow Turkey’s citizens and government the extra time needed to protect property and save lives.

“The bootcamp was a fantastic example of how IoT solutions could make an incredible impact on society”, said Vivian Li, Co-Founder, CSO of Sensoro. “In this particular case, it could save countless lives and injuries and help avoid or mitigate property damage.”

“IoT connects our world and Semtech’s LoRa® devices and wireless RF technology (LoRa Technology) can help solve real-world challenges by build a smarter planet,” said Mike Wong, Vice President for Semtech’s Wireless and Sensing Products Group. “With its rapid growth and solid foundation with LoRaWAN, LoRa Technology makes it possible to connect to the Cloud, enabling sound decisions in multiple industries, including smart cities, smart buildings, supply chain and logistics, metering, and agriculture.”

The water-level detection system developed by students is an example of the potentially life-changing impact that the IoT and LoRaWAN-based technology could achieve.

“Although the potential market space for the IoT is increasingly recognized, the general conception in terms of the potential use of the IoT remains limited”, added Li. “As well as leading the way in the technological development of the IoT, Sensoro also hopes to increase the awareness of the true capabilities of this technology across all areas of society”.

About Semtech LoRa® Devices and Wireless RF Technology

Semtech’s LoRa devices and wireless RF technology (LoRa Technology) is a widely adopted long-range, low-power solution for IoT that gives telecom companies, IoT application makers and system integrators the feature set necessary to deploy low-cost, interoperable IoT networks, gateways, sensors, module products, and IoT services worldwide. IoT networks based on the LoRaWAN™ specification have been deployed in over 50 countries. To learn more about how LoRa enables IoT, visit Semtech’s LoRa site and join the LoRa Community to access free training as well as an online industry catalog showcasing next-generation products.

About Sensoro

Founded in 2013 as part of the Microsoft accelerator program, Sensoro is quickly becoming a leading name in the IoT industry and recently secured $18 million dollars in Series B funding. Sensoro manufactures beacon devices that collect and send information based on proximity and wireless sensor networks that aggregate digital data from the physical world for IoT applications. Sensoro customers have deployed over 450,000 beacons in over 75 countries worldwide. The company’s headquarters lies in Seattle with offices in BeijingShanghai, and Shenzhen.

About Semtech

Semtech Corporation is a leading supplier of high performance analog and mixed-signal semiconductors and advanced algorithms for high-end consumer, enterprise computing, communications, and industrial equipment. Products are designed to benefit the engineering community as well as the global community. The Company is dedicated to reducing the impact it, and its products, have on the environment. Internal green programs seek to reduce waste through material and manufacturing control, use of green technology and designing for resource reduction. Publicly traded since 1967, Semtech is listed on the Nasdaq Global Select Market under the symbol SMTC. For more information, visit

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Event Details

May 29 – June 3, 2017

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Cambridge, MA

United States

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UpRamp Celebrates First Startup Accelerator and Highlights Decades’ Worth of Success

Louisville, CO, February, 2017 – UpRamp, sponsored by CableLabsR, is a platform that connects emerging technology companies to the $500 billion worldwide cable and broadband industry.  They are celebrating the success of two of their startup programs under the UpRamp/CableLabs umbrella. This week at CableLabs Winter Conference, they hosted the 20th Innovation Showcase and unveiled the results of the first UpRamp Fiterator accelerator program.  

UpRamp launched their first FiteratorTM program last fall.  The Fiterator is a three month, non-resident startup accelerator that focuses on real customer deals and opens the door to 57 of the world’s leading cable operators. The four teams returned to the CableLabs Winter Conference last week to share their successes. The first cohort included: Edgewater Wireless; MediaHound; VelociData and Trinity Mobile Networks.

Edgewater Wireless is now engaged with five MSOs  and is entering their first trial of WiFi3 (a revolutionary approach to WiFi based in high-performance silicon) in a large venue this month. MediaHound is now launching a new movie discovery portal in partnership with a large European cable company, as well as another multi-operator deal with a scheduled March rollout.

VelociData, which improves user QoE in broadband, has one signed contract, a field pilot, two statements of work pilots with equipment installed, and several other projects.Trinity Mobile Networks started their first Proof of Concept with an operator last week, and are collaborating on a handful of other engagements. Three of the Fiterator teams had extensive testing conducted by, Kyrio, (a CableLabs subsidiary) to validate the technology, which is part of the acceleration of deals with the operators.

The teams attribute the success in the program to the high level mentors, the subject matter experts that shared incredible insights, the access they were given, the acceleration of Kyrio testing, and the openness of the industry as a whole to work with them.  

“UpRamp is uniquely focused on identifying and supporting startups that are trying improve the cable industry,” explains CableLabs CEO Phil McKinney. “This includes helping them tie down deals, secure leads and, more generally, innovate in a sector that we ourselves feel passionate about.”

Also celebrated at the CableLabs Winter Conference was the 20th Innovation Showcase, which is designed to give startups the opportunity to demo in front of over 500 technology influencers. Many of the companies that have held that stage have gone on to see significant success. Overall, they have raised $2 Billion in venture funding, 5% have reached IPO, and 3 out of 10 have been acquired, leading to thousands of jobs and countless innovations.

Notable success stories include Deepfield, a small IP network analytics company that is deployed in 85% of US cable operators,  just acquired by Nokia; Guavus, a Big Data startup that enables Fortune 500 enterprises to become efficient and competitive, raised $100 million; and Elemental Technologies which raised $45 million before being purchased by Amazon for $500 million cash.

“We are absolutely thrilled to see how successful our startups have been over the last 10 years, we cannot wait to see what will happen next,” says UpRamp Managing Director Scott Brown.


UpRamp is backed by CableLabs, a non-profit Innovation and R&D Lab founded in 1988 by members of the cable television industry. With a strong focus on innovation, CableLabs develops technologies and specifications for the secure delivery of high speed data, video, voice and next generation services. It also provides testing, certification facilities and technical leadership for the industry.

UpRamp was founded to skillfully connect startups to cable operators in order to foster innovation that improves people’s experience with cable and broadband. The UpRamp Fiterator is a new kind of accelerator for later stage technology companies, designed to amplify startups’ success by directly linking them to opportunities within the global cable industry.

For more in depth information about each of the programs visit or email i[email protected]. Applications for the second Fiterator program opened this week and the Innovation Showcase applications for Summer Conference will open this spring.

MIA Collective Announces Sime MIA 2015 Fintech and Big Data Summit Co-Hosts

Miami, Florida – MIA Collective, a leading producer of digital business and technology events in Miami announced today that Citi and arago will be the co-host partners for Sime MIA summits taking place on December 2, 2015, as part of the global digital conference.

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