Bespoke Furniture Innovator Joybird Launches Wholesale Range

Los Angeles, CA. – Bespoke furniture creator of the future, Joybird, has launched a new wholesale division. Catering to the company’s trade and wholesale members, this development will provide quick furniture shipping of Joybird’s customized furniture to clients in the continental U.S.

Ordering bespoke furniture is traditionally a time-consuming, cumbersome, and expensive process. By partnering with Joybird, furniture wholesalers can make the process easier and more enjoyable for their customers. With thousands of wood stain, fabric, and leather choices – including kid and pet-friendly options – the Joybird wholesale division fills a void in digital furniture making by allowing conservative customers to touch and feel the furniture before they order. Joybird now has permanent showrooms in Showplace Center High Point, North Carolina, and World Market Center Las Vegas, Nevada. The company is looking to foster and strengthen long-term relationships.

“There is no reason a customer should ever be unhappy with their furniture purchases,” says Joybird Co-founder Josh Stellin. “That is why we are launching this new division, which is based on customer feedback and market demand – we feel that now is the appropriate time to open our product line to expand into wholesale trade and design trade.”

Unlike their rivals, Joybird can deliver six of its most popular collections (in no fewer than eight different fabrics) to wholesale and trade customers within two to three weeks. This is possible because Joybird operates with a vertically integrated business model, so it controls its own supply chain from start to finish. In addition, the team offers extensive customer support, and if customers can’t find their perfect fabric, they can send in samples of their own preferred material (COM/COL).

Other Joybird perks include private label, branding and marketing support, and the ability to drive traffic through brand recognition, as well as a tiered discount system. Trade customers can also rest easily in the knowledge that Joybird’s designs are well-received in the marketplace, with more customers making multiple purchases in single visits to Joybird’s website. Over the last six months, the average spend has increased by 35% to more than $2,100 per order.   

Joybird’s success stems from the fact that it provides greater convenience than traditional bespoke manufacturers, without sacrificing craftsmanship. Joybird has also gained ground by targeting millennials, who are driving a movement towards “co-creation” and customization.  

“Millennials want to have the freedom to design their life at any time they want, without having to take their eyes away from their digital devices,” adds Co-founder Alex Del Toro. “They take pride in the beauty and comfort of their spaces, have very specific tastes, and like transparency. This is exactly what we offer: the freedom to create.”

For retailers interested in partnering with Joybird, click here.


Joybird is a Los Angeles based bespoke furniture maker, founded by Alex Del Toro, Andres Hinostroza, Chris Stormer, and Josh Stellin. Joybird provides step-by-step assistance to help customers design their own unique furnishings and offers extensive customer support. The business has its own factory, based in Tijuana, Mexico.

Rokk3r Labs Partners with the Action Design Network to Host Event in Miami

Miami FL – Rokk3r Labs announced that it is hosting an Action Design Network event in the city of Miami on September 1, 2015.

The event will focus on the intersection of behavioral economics and User Experience Design (UX) – a topic of importance in the Miami startup ecosystem. Participants will discuss diverse subjects related to the two spheres and examine how organizations can leverage new research and the latest tools to apply cutting-edge UX design in their own fields.

Speaker Dr. Stephen Wendel, Head of Behavioral Science at Morningstar, will talk on behavioral economics and the psychology of judgement and decision-making. Dr. Wendel will show how cutting-edge research is currently being applied in consumer products to help users take action in their lives – such as Jawbone UP and Clocky. Participants will learn how user habits fit in with product design, and how UX designers can make the user’s “path to action” more efficient.

This is the first event in Miami from the Action Design Network, which has monthly Meetups in five other cities – Washington DC, New York City, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco – and will provide local entrepreneurs and organizations with the chance to connect.

“We’re excited to come to Miami to share our knowledge and expertise with local organizations,” says the Action Design Network’s President, Dr. Wendel. “The use of behavioral economics and psychology in product design is still a new area to many. We hope that the event will inspire new initiatives and encourage further innovation in UX design.”

Host of the event, Rokk3r Labs, is the world’s first cobuilding platform – and a driving force behind Miami’s burgeoning startup ecosystem. They execute company building and innovation for organizations through the use of “startup cells”, which align strategy and technology experts around entrepreneurs and organizational needs. An additional focus on leveraging exponential technologies enables Rokk3r Labs to increase speed-to-market.

“The Action Design Network’s event in Miami is a signal of the upward trajectory of Miami’s startup community,” said Nabyl Charania, CEO of Rokk3r Labs “Anyone interested in the intersection of design and science will gain value, and we are proud to be hosting the first event that will expand the expertise and thought leadership within Miami’s startup ecosystem.”

The Rokk3r Labs hosted Action Design event will take place at 6pm on Tuesday, September 1, 2015, at 1680 Michigan Avenue #815, Miami Beach, FL. Sign ups can be made on the Action Design Miami Meetup page.

About Rokk3r Labs

Rokk3r Labs is the best place in the world to launch companies that change the world. It is a platform for investors, entrepreneurs and organizations to increase value, mitigate risks and stay at the edge of innovation. With a focus on leveraging exponential technologies and implementing new-age methods of raising capital, Rokk3r Labs is harnessing global collective genius to cobuild companies that change the world. Currently, Rokk3r Labs has a portfolio of 25 companies that are cobuilding to disrupt various industries. To learn more, visit

About The Action Design Network

The non-profit Action Design Network was founded in December 2012. The network has more than 3,500 members across six cities in the United States and promotes the use of psychology and behavioral economics in product and UX design.   

In addition to monthly events around the country, Action Design hosts an annual conference that brings together leading behavioral researchers and practitioners to share lessons and learn how to best apply behavioral lessons to product design. This year’s conference is on November 2, in Washington DC. More information will be available soon at

Launch of Recently, The iOS App that Turns your Camera Roll into a High Quality Magazine, Every Month

New York Recently is launching its new iOS app and personal photo magazine subscription service for $8.99 a month ($7.99 when you invite a friend). The app is free to download and paying subscribers receive 100 of their latest iOS camera roll photographs in an eco-friendly, high-end magazine that is delivered directly to their home.

Recently is the only mobile-to-magazine subscription service available in the App Store. With an estimated 880 billion photographs taken on mobile phones a year, this service provides users with the best of both the print and digital worlds. It pairs the ubiquity and convenience of digital mobile photography with the valuable tangibility of high-quality, printed photographs. Recently also provides subscribers with the ease of a fully automated one-click ordering process — users simply tap to upload their photos and their personalized magazine will be delivered.

Recently is designed to complement existing photo apps that save images to the camera roll. Subscribers are sent reminders when their magazines are about to go to print, and they only have to tap upload to start the automated process. Alternately, users can edit their magazines if they wish by swiping and dragging images into place.

The concept was developed by Scott and Elizabeth Valins, a husband and wife team, whose lives have revolved around photography since they first met in line at B&H Photo Video in New York City. A commercial filmmaker and an art director respectively, the Valinses both have a passion for integrating the digital world with printed media. After Elizabeth suffered an extremely serious health scare, the pair decided they wanted to design an app that would help people celebrate and remember every precious moment with ease.

“Mobile digital photography has increasingly become part of our culture,” says art director and Recently Co-founder Elizabeth Valins. “We’re taking more and more snapshots of our experiences, our important moments, and our everyday lives. The problem is, our pictures disappear almost as quickly as publish them on social media. Recently gives us an opportunity to remember with something that we can physically hold in our hands.”

The social-photo industry is huge; Facebook has over 1 billion members, SnapChat up to 200 million users, and Instagram more than 300 million people,” adds Valins. “We’ve built Recently to work with these services and give people the opportunity to turn the digital world into a tangible one again – focusing especially on the thousands of photos they don’t want forgotten, buried in an endless camera roll or publicly posted to a Facebook feed.


Recently was founded in 2015 by husband and wife team Scott and Elizabeth Valins. With backgrounds in commercial filmmaking and art direction, the pair set out to pursue their passion; helping people remember their precious moments. They created an app that integrates mobile digital photography with a personalized monthly magazine subscription service.

Top Dog Stats Launches New Fantasy Sports Analytics Platform, Created to Give Fantasy Fans the Real NFL GM Experience.

NEW YORK,  Top Dog Stats LLC today announced the beta launch of its new fantasy sports visual analytics platform. Created by the experts behind the analytics and performance tools used by NFL general managers, coaches, scouts and salary cap analysts, Top Dog Stats offers fans an invaluable resource for all their sports data needs.

Fantasy sports leagues have grown into an international, highly-competitive phenomenon. Using Excel spreadsheets and long lists of figures to make draft picks is no longer sufficient to stay on top. Top Dog Stats breaks down the information fans need into usable, bite-size pieces. It portrays data in easy-to-comprehend, data visualizations, which allow fantasy  players with varied levels of experience to visualize and manipulate their data, and then share their team charts via social media.

The platform was created by former NFL data analysis experts Chris Tanck and Elvis Pereymer, who were responsible for developing the analysis systems that NFL teams rely on when making their draft/player selections and developing game strategies. Top Dog Stats gives fantasy players  of all levels the chance to live the real life of an NFL GM, and get their own chance at building a dynasty and bringing in cash prizes.

The beta launch of Top Dog Stats will take place on August 10, 2015 with the official launch date set for September 1. While the initial service will focus on the National Football League, the creators aim to launch equivalents for basketball and baseball in 2016.

“We have developed this platform to provide information at the highest possible professional level, on par with if not better than what the best NFL teams are using,” said Chris Tanck, co-founder of Top Dog Stats LLC. “When data is delivered in spreadsheets finding patterns, trends and correlations is challenging. Smart visuals will allow fantasy players to easily pinpoint opportunities, identify outliers and enable at-a-glance analysis for players of all levels.”

Fantasy sports leagues have advanced way beyond sports-crazy friends and sofa fans setting up their own games — exploding into a multi-billion dollar industry. According to Fantasy Sports Trade Association, there are now more than 51.6 million Americans participating in fantasy sports leagues, and there are worldwide leagues each containing up to 3 million competitors . As reported by Business Insider, fans can compete for cash prizes of up to $1 million or more, and the average annual expenditure per player has risen from $95 in 2012, to $465 in 2015.

In response to this explosive popularity, the internet is awash with this season’s player recommendations. Leading sports companies, such as ESPN and CBS Sports release draft guides to keep fans up to date with the new season’s hot tips. However while these in-depth player analytics are available, most fantasy sports players do not have the time, patience or tools to apply these analytics to their game — until now.

About Top Dog stats LLC

Founded in New York in 2014 by Chris Tanck and Elvis Pereymer, who built one of the premier game analysis systems used today by many NFL teams for scouting, game planning and player evaluations and collectively have more than 20 years of NFL data analysis experience. The team is further empowered by former VP of NFL information technology Joe Manto who has come on as an advisor.

LeadFuze Heralds the Death of the Cold Call With Launch of Sales Automation Software

Phoenix, AZ, August 3, 2015LeadFuze announced the launch of its software platform today,  the first product from the seven-month old startup that aims to put an end to cold calls forever. LeadFuze boosts sales productivity and results by empowering sales reps with valuable information, before they begin their outreach.

LeadFuze is a sales prospecting tool designed to replace the chaotic and unpredictable results of cold calling. The tool is highly adaptable with a unique do-it-yourself approach that gives clients more control over their target prospects, negating the need for annoying spam emails that ultimately generate little to no results. The new LeadFuze product allows users to create lists of potential business leads through social networks including LinkedIn and Twitter. LeadFuze’s software then verifies those prospects’ email addresses by pinging the server, paving the way for businesses to send a carefully crafted, cold email.  

“We wanted to put an end to cold calls,” said Founder and CEO Justin McGill. “Sales people hate making them and decision makers hate receiving them. Our tools are built with the goal of helping both salespeople and startups by warming up conversations through email and social media before a call ever takes place.”

One of the greatest challenges startups face is acquiring new customers with 50% of businesses failing after 4 years, according to

With pricing starting at $69 per month, they are appealing to startups and small sales teams that want to prospect their own leads to ensure a solid relationship with potential customers.  

McGill previously founded digital marketing agency Upswing Interactive and has more than seven years of experience in the space. After growing Upswing Interactive into a seven-figure business, he stepped down to create LeadFuze.


Founded in 2014 and perfect for B2B companies, LeadFuze provides unique email prospecting to generate hot leads that get delivered straight to your inbox. LeadFuze’s done-for-you solution will research a client’s target market, find businesses that fit the criteria, and scour the web looking for contact information. The LeadFuze service includes customized outreach emails and follow-ups with interested leads. Once a response from a prospect is received by the service, LeadFuze will automatically forward the message to your inbox to close the sale.

Pioneering App Slide Launches to Revolutionize Photo Sharing

August 4, 2015 – New photo app, Slide, launches with ahead-of-the-curve iBeacon technology to beat industry competitors such as Snapchat and Instagram by expanding the way that images can be shared and whom they can be shared with. It is the first app to capitalize on iBeacon BLE technology to share images.

Slide is unlike any other photo sharing app on the market. Where other apps rely on an invitation-and-accept mechanism, Slide uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to share images with other app users in the immediate area. Photos can be shared with anyone using Slide within a distance of up to 200 feet without needing to ‘friend’ or ‘follow’ other users.

“Slide’s first-to-market use of iBeacon for social discovery enables people who might have just met to be able to interact with each other,” says Slide Co-Founder Jesse Molina. Molina comes from a strong pedigree of app innovators and is the younger brother of Joe Munoz, Co-founder of seminal dating app Tinder.

“We believe that your friends are everyone who is immediately around you and we want to connect people in the here and now,” Molina adds.

Bluetooth Low Energy beacons are a new and emerging force in the mobile app market, a force that Slide is melding with the incredible popularity of photo sharing apps. Photo sharing app users exchange some 1.8 billion photos each day and, unlike rival apps Instagram and Snapchat, Slide will capitalize on the billions of devices that will be capable of iBeacon technology by 2019. Slide is the only app that enables users to unlock their phones’ potential as a beacon for social discovery. By regularly sharing photos in the same area, Slide lets users form meaningful connections with people who share similar interests and passions. It leverages the popularity of photo sharing to help people form new friendships.

Slide is intuitive and easy to use. Photo sharers can snap a quick image and then decide to slide the photo either up to share, or down to delete. The photo can be shared with anyone within close vicinity. Users also have the option to send photos that can be viewed only once. In these cases, the photos are received with a frosted over effect. Tapping the image will defrost and reveal the photo for a single viewing.

Molina says he was inspired to create Slide as a means for people in the same location to easily interact with each other. “Slide is about enhancing the experience of being together,” he says. “Too often social media can take us away from the opportunity to interact with people in the same room. With Slide, friends can share pictures with everyone around them and engage in real life conversations around those pictures.”


Slide was developed in 2015 by Jesse Molina, a UCLA Engineering graduate, and Manh Do, the mobile engineering lead for Rosetta Studios. Based in Silicon Valley, Slide uses pioneering iBeacon Bluetooth Low Energy technology to share photos within the immediate vicinity. As the iBeacon industry grows and matures, Slide hopes to be the number one close proximity photo sharing app.

TIPIT Is Offering 25 Free Invites For Your Readers To Join The World’s First Interactive Yuccie Community

July, 2015 — New video app TIPIT, the world’s first virtual community for Young Urban Creatives – Yuccies – is offering 25 free invites for you to deliver to your readers. This exciting new app, which will launch soon on iOS, promises to wow the creative community with the first mobile video editing capabilities of its kind for smartphone users. TIPIT is ideal for imaginative, ambitious and expressive individuals looking to interact with people on their wavelength.

The app’s unique video editing software is designed for people involved in the fields of creation and design, as well as those interested in video editing and filmmaking. Unlike other video apps, TIPIT brings high quality desktop video editing software capabilities to mobile. The founders aim for TIPIT to create buzz among artists and creators, which could have a big impact on the world of video-based social media within this exclusive community.

“Our product will allow artists to unleash their creativity and challenge other like-minded people – and all from their mobile device,” explains TIPIT’s product and creative advisor, Uri Ar. “As a creator, you can bring your own graphic and animation to any video, which removes limits from creativity. TIPIT’s community for creators is unlike anything else currently on the market.”

Existing examples of successful image and video-based communities are Vine and Instagram, with Instagram estimated to be worth $35 billion. However, the video editing that Vine offers is minimal, with basic trimming and cropping, while Instagram only allows users to add filters to their recordings. They key difference with TIPIT is that it provides video editing capabilities that belong to a video editor, like motion-tracking, incorporating external objects graphics, remixing, and more.  

The TIPIT team boasts the knowledge and experience to make this enterprise a success: For example, Ar was previously involved in developing a host of interactive media products, including Houzz and video platform, Metacafe.

“Our demo has already blown away our current investors and we are still refining our final product,” adds Ar. “The video creators are a community that is bound to grow. The market must grow with it, and we are the first to pick up on the social media needs of this new generation of creatives.”


TIPIT is a video company aiming to inspire the world to live more creatively. Through TIPIT app, we encourage our community to tip their inner artist into videos and use videography as a gateway back to creativity. With its technology, TIPIT lets you easily add interactive objects, captions, special effects and smart filters that motion-track anything in your video. TIPIT is the best way to create beautiful short films with your creativity in it.

Brosix Launches Google Chrome App, Increasing The Versatility Of Its Leading Secure Business IM Software

July 23, 2015 – Leading instant messaging system Brosix today announced the launch of its Google Chrome app, expanding the versatility of its messaging software and enabling personal and enterprise level use of its service on virtually any platform.

Brosix gives enterprises a truly cross-platform IM solution that ensures security and easy control over every part of their business’ communications. The new Brosix IM system app for Google Chrome offers users the same level of security and dynamic file sharing experience as its existing Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux software.

Downloadable for free via the Chrome Web Store, the app allows individual users to create and join secure communication channels straight from their browser. Capabilities include one-to-one and group text chats, video and audio calls, file and screen sharing between users, and securely archived, searchable chat history. Brosix also gives administrators full control over all user accounts and offers accessible communication logs. This makes it easy for organizations to keep an accurate history of all employee communications — something required by law in some countries.

Moreover, Brosix enables the creation of persistent or temporary chat rooms for external client and staff communication.

“The release of this new Chrome application means that any individual or company now has access to the highest level of security in their personal and business communications, regardless of the platform or system they use,” said Brosix CEO and Co-founder, Stefan Chekanov. “The versatility of the solution that allows people to share any file, make calls, and even share screens for the best collaborative experience gives Brosix an edge over every other IM software on the market, and the level of companies around the world applying it proves that.”

Leading international companies, such as IBM, Xerox, Toyota, and Amazon’s Audible already use the Brosix messaging system. US government bodies like Georgia Department of Community Health, and top educational institutions, including University of Arizona, Harvard, and the University of Southern California, have also applied the solution.

Brosix offers paid enterprise options for as little as $0.80 per month. Companies can create a completely internal private communication network that requires no configuration or maintenance at an affordable price.

By enabling companies and individuals to create and control independent communication networks, Brosix’s IM solution avoids security issues for sensitive communication transactions that plague other popular cloud-based chat tools. According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Secure Messaging Scorecard study, popular applications like Facebook Chat, Skype, and WhatsApp all still have a number of concerning security and privacy issues that many users may not be aware of. Brosix is a better, safer, business-driven, and accessible solution.


Brosix is a secure Instant Messaging and collaboration tool, ideal for everyday communication for business and leisure. Two different versions of Brosix give users the opportunity to choose the version that is best for them. Brosix Enterprise is a paid service that is based on the number of users in your private network, and Brosix Personal is a free version of Brosix that allows individuals to utilize all the benefits of Brosix Enterprise without the cost. Brosix’s award-winning features include: video chat, text chat, file sharing, screenshot, co-browse, screen sharing, and more!

AppInstitute Adds 24 New Business Type Solutions to Offer Affordable, Hyper-Focused Apps for Enterprises of All Sizes

NOTTINGHAM, U.K, July 23, 2015 — AppInstitute today announced the launch of 24 new business type solutions, offering high-quality, customer-focused apps for enterprises across all sizes and verticals. The company also announced that its technology is being used by local medical centres and clinics that are part of the UK’s NHS (National Health Service) initiative to improve patient services and deliver better healthcare.

AppInstitute provides hyper-focused apps that concentrate on optimizing specific aspects of a business, such as loyalty, events, booking or retail. This enables every entrepreneur to pick-and-choose the solutions they need to operate and grow their business. Along with the 24 new business types, which include Takeaways & Restaurants, Professional Services, Salons, Cafes, Charities and Estate Agents, AppInstitute also released a number of innovative new features designed to make the entering the app market easy for even the least tech-savvy small business owner.

New features of AppInstitute’s solutions include the new Facebook wizard, which pulls data from businesses’ Facebook pages, such as business information, image gallery and App icon images, and then suggests a template business type to use based on the Facebook business category. This makes it quicker and easier to get an app up and running with just a few clicks of a button.

A new inline browsing feature has also been added, in which companies simply drop a mobile compatible link (such as an online booking link) into the app. Users can then click on the link to the booking platform and are led directly to the booking page, without ever having to leave the app. This streamlines the service and improves the overall customer experience.

In today’s mobile world, apps are an essential part of delivering the best possible customer experience, not to mention attracting and retaining customers. Navigating websites on mobile devices can be difficult and more than 85% of smartphone users stated they are more comfortable using simplistic apps than mobile websites. Moreover, apps can help business owners elevate their customer service. For example, an app with booking capabilities allows customers to make reservations anytime, anywhere, from any device. They are also a great, on-the-go way to provide incentives, such as loyalty programs that reward customers for their business.

However, apps can be expensive to develop and require technical expertise that is beyond many small business owners. AppInstitute aims to bridge this gap by making the power of apps accessible to enterprises of all sizes.

“An app should be about reducing the friction for a specific service, whether that be making an order, sending a message or requesting a booking,” said AppInsitute CEO and Founder, Ian Naylor. “We aim to keep things simple for the customer and business owner alike, and focus on creating high-quality ‘service enhancing’ apps that lower the barriers of connectivity between customers and a business.”

AppInstitute offers a range of monthly subscriptions well within the limits of even the smallest business, ranging from £5 to £30. The professional package (£30 pm) offers Android and iOS compatible apps, push notifications to improve sales, CRM and data analytics, GEO fencing and App store and Google Play submissions.

To view examples of apps used in individual medical centres that are part of the NHS, please visit:

Robin Lane Medical Practice:

South Wight Medical Practice:

About AppInstitute

Founded in 2011, AppInstitute’s central operations are based out of Nottingham’s Creative Quarter. Currently boasting more than 13,000 customers from all over the globe using their Business Apps CMS platform to create mobile apps and optimize aspects of their businesses. Dubbed the ‘WordPress for mobile apps’, AppInstitute’s cloud-based service aims to revolutionise the app market by providing a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that allows SMEs and individuals with little to no prior technical knowledge to create their own app with ease, and watch their business blossom.

MVP Draft Reignites the Excitement of Fantasy Sports, Offers Industry’s First Real-time Daily Fantasy Contests

Houston, TX, July 23, 2015 – MVP Draft announces the launch of the most exciting fantasy sports platform ever created, allowing users to coach their teams to victory using strategic in-game roster substitutions. This seemingly small change to the rules of traditional fantasy sports platforms represents a monumental shift in how the game is played by placing users in the driver’s seat and allowing them to control their own destiny.

MVP Draft is the newest entrant into the daily fantasy sports market, which allows users to participate in fantasy contests on a daily (in the case of MLB, NBA, and NHL contests) or weekly (in the case of NFL contests) basis. In these contests, users can pay a small entry fee to compete for huge cash prizes that are paid out immediately at the conclusion of each contest.

In traditional daily fantasy contests, a particular roster position is “locked” once their game begins, thereby preventing the user from making changes to their roster for the duration of the contest. Users can only watch their player’s performance during the games, leaving them powerless to unexpected coaching decisions, injuries, poor player performance, etc.

In contrast, MVP Draft allows users to make in-game roster swaps to any position at any point in time throughout the contest. The difference between winning and losing becomes more about a user’s ability to capitalize on nuances of in-game events, such as momentum shifts and coaching decisions, rather than focusing on intense pre-game roster research and analytics. This change enhances the in-game user experience because users always feel like they have a chance to win.

“When I first started playing on competitor’s sites I quickly realized I was not very good,” said CEO Kevin Goodspeed. “I lost all of my money and I didn’t have much fun doing it. I wanted to create an alternative that was more fair and more fun, and make daily fantasy sport contests less frustrating to your average user.”

Fantasy sports is big business. In 2014, 42.5 million people took part in some form of fantasy sports competitions in the United States, representing a nearly $5B industry that is growing at close to 15% year-over-year. Despite the impressive recent industry growth, however, full market penetration for daily contests is still a long way off – only 800,000 people participated in the daily fantasy sports contests in 2014, representing a huge opportunity for unique new entrants to step in and make their mark. MVP Draft’s unique approach, along with their patent pending technology, will allow them to successfully secure their niche in the market and attract players who are new to daily fantasy sports.


Based out of Houston, TX, MVP Draft is the only daily fantasy sports provider that allows users to coach their teams to victory for real cash prizes. Co-Founded by University of Texas MBA graduate Kevin Goodspeed, and Purdue University alumnus Stefan Ralston, the MVP Draft team is attracting more gamers to its flexible fantasy platform.