Tradovate Integrates Collective2 into its Offering

Agreement Provides First Commission-Free Brokerage Access to C2 Futures Trading Systems

COLUMBUS, Ohio, May 10, 2017 – Tradovate, LLC, an online brokerage firm for active, self-directed futures traders, and Collective2 (C2), the online platform which connects investors with trade leaders, announced today that Tradovate has now integrated C2 into its offering, providing the first commission-free brokerage access to C2 futures trading systems.

Collective2 is a marketplace where independent traders and investors can choose, follow and automatically trade via their brokerage the strategies of a “trade leader.”  Tradovate is the first futures brokerage firm to offer unlimited commission-free trading for a flat price, instead of the industry-standard commission structure. The agreement between the firms enables Tradovate clients in the “Active” or “Advanced” membership categories to trade C2 systems in their existing accounts for no extra charge.

Tradovate Holdings, LLC Founder and CEO Rick Tomsic said: “Our clients, who are active traders, can benefit from this integration as either a ‘trade leader’ whose strategies C2 clients can follow, or as an ‘investor’ following trade leaders, and the potential advantages are significant either way. We also will welcome those C2 clients who want the ability to follow a leader’s strategies and auto-trade futures without worrying about the accumulation of transaction costs. This integration further reinforces our commitment to adding value to Tradovate clients with a straightforward offering and access to outstanding third-party capabilities.”

Matthew Klein, CEO of Collective2 LLC, said:  “We’re excited to offer commission-free trading to Collective2 users. Transaction costs can be a significant factor in trading strategy performance. The flat, monthly fee structure that Tradovate offers is going to be very attractive to any Collective2 customers who trade futures. In addition, Tradovate’s integration with Collective2 means that anyone with a Tradovate brokerage account will be able to publish their trading record on Collective2 automatically, and potentially attract followers to their trading.”

Thousands of trading strategies have been tracked by the Collective2 platform. Investors can examine these track records, and — if they see one they like — can link it to a brokerage account so that trades are executed automatically. Tradovate accounts continue to be self-directed, with customers having the ability to turn on and turn off strategies in real time, to add new strategies and even to control trade sizes.

About Tradovate

Operating out of Columbus, Ohio, Tradovate, LLC launched in April 2016 as an online futures brokerage firm dedicated to meeting the needs of active traders. The firm offers a modern, cloud-based futures trading platform and unlimited, commission-free trading for a flat price. Tradovate powers futures trading from anywhere, with complete access to download the platform for Windows and/or Mac, log in on the web with Chrome and other browsers, and go mobile on iPhone, iPad and Android devices – all included with no platform licensing, order routing or mobile app fees. For more information, please visit

About Collective2

Founded in 2001, Collective2 is an investing website with more than 100,000 registered users. Great traders from around the world ask Collective2 to track their trading results in real-time. Other investors can “subscribe” to these traders, and can automatically follow their trades in their own brokerage account.  Over $50 million of investor capital is linked to strategies on the Collective2 platform.


For Tradovate:

Ellen G. Resnick

Crystal Clear Communications

773-929-9292; 312-399-9295 (cell)

[email protected]

For Collective2:

Roderick Casilli
415-786-7482 (cell)
[email protected]

Contactually Launches Personal Handwritten Cards, The Memorable Way to Engage with Important Relationships

Washington DC, USA, February, 2017 – Cloud-based relationship marketing platform, Contactually, has announced the full-launch of its personalised handwritten cards tool. The new automated feature offers a personal way for users to further manage their relationships, allowing them to send heartfelt messages to important contacts with a minimal amount of time and effort.

Handwritten cards are few and far between, but they’ve certainly not been forgotten. In an age of text messages and emails, Contactually’s handwritten cards tool offers users a new and simple way to personally connect. From acknowledging birthdays, milestones, or business relationships, users can choose from a variety of suitable designs for any occasion. Just add recipient details and a special message, and leave it to Contactually to mail it out directly, all without leaving the app.

“When you’re competing with a barrage of digital communications from friends, family, and advertisers, it’s difficult to break through the noise,” says Co-Founder/CEO Zvi Band. “We’re proud to be offering a simple but impactful and unique way for users to stand apart and show their important relationships just how much they’re valued.”

Contactually specializes in helping its users strengthen their relationships through a simplified platform and a variety of intuitive, actionable features. These include lead categorisation, deal tracking, proactive reminders to connect, and article-sharing plugins – allowing sales teams to easily forward suitable content to relevant contacts. Its user-friendly service also connects with Google Apps and other email services to track relationship statuses and send busy salespeople automatic updates.  

Since launching in 2011, Contactually has helped many thousands of users grow their businesses by strengthening relationships. Now that the new tool is universally available to all individual users, Band hopes it will help Contactually better meet users’ needs to communicate across a wide spectrum of platforms – including pen and paper – and win a larger share of the increasing CRM global market, predicted to hit $36.5B by 2017.

“While we are considered a CRM, our core is about the emphasizing the value and importance of relationships,” Band adds. “Traditional CRM’s are over populated and can be quite complicated, but we strive to be different.  We focus on helping our users stay top-of-mind within their networks and strengthening relationships, resulting in more leads and referrals. We want to to be impactful yet simple to use, and our new handwritten cards tool is a natural continuation of this philosophy.”


Contactually is a leading provider of relationship marketing software for businesses, that helps users develop and strengthen authentic, long-lasting relationships. In simply minutes a day, the firm’s easy-to-use platform enables genuine, personalized engagement to generate more business. Proudly located in Washington, DC, Contactually employs approximately 70 people and has raised 12 million in capital to date from Grotech Ventures, Rally Ventures, Bull City Venture Partners, Middleland Capital, and others.

Betternet Technologies Launches Betterspot, A VPN Router That Allows Users To Unblock Websites And Surf The Web Securely

VANCOUVER, BC September, 2016 – VPN technologies company Betternet today announced the launch of Betterspot, its new VPN router. The router protects privacy online by enabling users to virtually change their geographical locations and surf the web anonymously from any device.

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Leading Used Furniture Platform Trove Market Launches Facebook Bot

San Francisco, CA Trove Market, the leading mobile-first platform for buying and selling used furniture and other home goods locally, has launched chatbots for several social platforms including Facebook, Telegram, Kik and Skype.

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Dynotag Launches Protagz, A Luggage Tag Made To Last Through Tough Conditions

Seattle, WA Dynotag announces the launch of Protagz, a virtually indestructible property tag that stores user information. The information associated with each tag is stored on Dynotag’s cloud, making it easy to access usage and recovery information about lost equipment.

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Doculus Integrates With Microsoft Office 365, Allowing Road Warriors to Ditch Their Laptops While Still Getting Real Work Done

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, JANUARY, 2016 – Doculus announces its plans to work with tech giant Microsoft Corp., signifying a milestone in the company’s journey to redefine the document reading and review experience on mobile phones. The partnership enables road warriors like sales and business development professionals with Microsoft Office 365 and Doculus to review documents such as sales contracts and business agreements faster than ever without a need for an Internet-connected computer.

In just five years time, up to half of all business professionals could be working remotely, away from the convenience and comfort of formal office spaces. While there is excitement to the notion of a roaming work-life, a staggering 92% of the workforce says they don’t feel productive when in transit. Clearly, there are still some key challenges that must be addressed before business professionals venture out into the wild, mobile phone in hand.  

Road warriors know the frustrations of working with documents on the road only too well. At the end of the quarter time is of the essence and most of them are out of the office closing deals.  At this time, the ability to review comments and redlines in a sales contract before passing it along to the corporate attorney or client becomes very critical.  With today’s tools you can’t easily scan through comments and redlines, and pinching to zoom leaves you having to scroll line by line, which could take many painful hours.  The reality is, an Internet-connected computer is the only viable option to view the updated sales contract and this is often far from convenient.

With Doculus, you can quickly read, review and reply to documents across multiple formats, including Microsoft Word and PDF. Road warriors can discover content through the automatically created, mobile-optimized table of contents. All parts of a document can now be examined in detail, from the titles to sections and exhibits, tables, images and charts. Tables can be sorted and filtered, allowing for easy extraction of information to zero-in on what’s really important. In addition, the Doculus – Office 365 integration allows you to access all your documents stored in your Office 365 account right inside Doculus along with a streamlined workflow for invoking Microsoft Word for editing.  

“To truly solve the problem of contract reviews on mobile phones, the entire experience needs to be reimagined,” says Rob Howard, Director, Office 365 Ecosystem, Microsoft. “The tool needs to allow for fast review of edits with the ability to jump across sections and exhibits.” Doculus provides such a tool. A variety of apps exist for viewing documents on mobile, but no other app has enabled users to fully delve into sales contracts and business agreements in a way that makes it possible to quickly review lots of comments and redlines across a long – for example a 50 page – document on a mobile phone.

“Doculus has created the next-generation intelligent document reader for road warriors. We have reimagined how documents can be presented on mobile phones. With the power of the integration with Microsoft, we are now fully equipped to bring our tools to the global sales, business development, and corporate attorney audience,” says co-founder and CEO Varun Parmar.

About Doculus

Doculus is focused on dramatically improving the document consumption experience on mobile devices. Its mobile app allows for the fast, yet detailed reading and reviewing of documents, particularly contracts and sales agreements on the go. Doculus was founded by a team of document and cloud collaboration experts and is headquartered in San Francisco, CA.

ESPForMe Announces Official Launch, Taking on Google’s Search Monopoly with Unique Predictive Search Algorithm and Free Advertising Model

NEW YORK, NEW YORK ESPForMe has announced its official launch, the new search engine uses a unique predictive algorithm which allows users to surf the web without clicking and offers free advertising.

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Former Congressional Candidate Launches BuildQuorum, A Political Petition Platform Opening Doors to Real Public Participation

WASHINGTON – BuildQuorum today launched its new public participation platform, opening a new channel for citizens to interact with their political representatives online.

BuildQuorum enables people to meaningfully engage with the policy making process by collectively expressing their wishes, interests and concerns. BuildQuorum was created as a forum for the online political community to incite and encourage discussion, interaction, and participation.

“One consistent theme among the hundreds and hundreds of people I talked to during the course of my campaigns was frustration with the process and a feeling that they weren’t being heard,” said Sean Bielat, founder and CEO of BuildQuorum. “Far too many Americans feel that their only participation in the political process is voting and aside from that, special interests control the agenda. I want the average American to act as his or her own ‘special interest’.”

BuildQuorum offers a medium through which citizens show support for causes they care about through an online message that is sent directly to the appropriate representative. More importantly, users can create their own topics, which may be more personal to them or their community, and send them directly to politicians.

Users can then choose the legislators whom they want to contact, be it anyone from members of Congress to state legislators, and then send their message directly to that person.

Unlike other petition sites such as, BuildQuorum users can actually send emails and messages directly to their target representative, rather than showing their support with just an online signature that doesn’t have as strong an impact.

Improving public participation in lawmaking has been a hot topic this year, and the Obama administration initiated its U.S Public Participation Playbook in February 2015. However, according to Cornell University’s Regulation Room e-community initiative, a successful public participation system must address three main barriers to citizen engagement in rule-making:

  • Lack of awareness – people are unaware that they are legally entitled be a part of the process.
  • Information overload – voluminous and complex rule-making materials are incomprehensible to many.
  • Unfamiliarity with how to participate effectively and the means of participating.

“We created this platform to engage the public in politics and law-making and created an online community for discussion and debate,” continued Bielat. “By definition, a “quorum” is the minimum number of representatives required to discuss a legislative matter. The digital age offers us new opportunities to voice the opinions of the many, rather than the selected few, which should be taken into consideration before any decision is made.”

More than just another petition website, BuildQuorum aims to build an inclusive social network built around politics, political interests and real social issues. Users can log in via the website, or by using their Facebook details.

The whole system is designed with ease of use in mind, allowing users to become a part of the network, and make their opinions known in just a matter of minutes.


Created by Sean Bielat, former congressional candidate (2010/2012) and founder of in 2014, BuildQuorum was made as the tool to give power back to the people by connecting citizens to politicians and letting them express ideas about the issues most important to them. Large organizations and lobbyists have access and resources to mobilize popular support, but the average person struggles to have his or her voice heard. BuildQuorum aims to bridge this gap and offer real opportunities for public political participation in the digital age.

Opening the Vault: Hallmark’s Gillham Studios Makes its Vast Art Collection Available to New Generation of Artists and Designers

Kansas City – Hallmark’s Gillham Studios is unveiling its 105-year-old art collection and making it available to the general public for both private and commercial use, which comes after nine months of digitization and a period of beta testing.

The Hallmark archives were founded by J.C Hall in 1910, with the aim of recording the history of greeting card artwork. Since its inception, the collection has grown in size and variety, and includes more than 1 million pieces of original artwork – some of which date back as far as the 1700’s. A team of Hallmark’s designers have selected more than 125,000 pieces from the vault, focusing on those cards that have utility, historical value, and artistry. The royalty-free artwork is now open to the public to download, use, and repurpose, and thousands more pieces are being added every week.

Unlike many established image banks, Gillham Studios does not just offer photography; it centers on original art and design, with sets of unique illustrations, lithographs, postcards, lettering, and patterns. These pieces can be used for designs on physical objects, for online designs, and printed materials. Users can search for individual pieces, or browse the themed collections – all of which have been carefully put together by designers.

“We like to think of our collection as being by artists for artists,” says Gillham Studios General Manager, Christopher Shaw. “This is one of the reasons we introduced a Featured Artist section to the website. People want to see how their art has been created and by whom. This not only gives our clients a fascinating insight into the history of the pieces they are purchasing, but the chance to find a whole range of similarly styled pieces as well.”

Like most online art and design resources, the company offers various licenses (Basic $____/month and Extended $____month). Both Basic and Extended licensees may use the images for physical products and printed items, websites and digital products, and attributed editorial usage, as well as for personal and non-commercial use. In contrast to most image banks, Basic License clients are granted the same image rights as Extended License clients – only with certain limitations on the number of images they can print.

The artwork is downloadable in RAW format and Adobe Photoshop files for reasons of quality and versatility – no matter what user license is held. This means that clients can manipulate their images; designers and artists are free to change colors, orientations, and styles as they see fit – making the images their own. Furthermore, the format allows images to be published and printed anywhere – including on physical goods, such as fabric, murals, mugs and pillows. On the contrary, most stock photo websites tend only to offer images in a lower quality and far less malleable JPEG format, which can only be used online.

“At its heart Hallmark sells art and has done so for over a hundred years. We might be an old company providing a nostalgic look back American culture, but by stepping into this marketplace with the Gillham Studios’ collection, we feel that we are offering something new to artists, designers and everyone else,” adds Shaw.


Hallmark Inc. was founded in 1910 by a teenage JC Hall, with nothing but a couple of shoeboxes full of postcards – and a lot of ambition. Today it remains a private company and is valued at $3.8 billion. Hallmark’s products are available in 30 languages and can be found in more than 100 countries around the world. Hallmark’s Gillham Studios has just made available its vast artwork collection to the public, allowing designers and artists to download, repurpose, and use the art in almost anyway they see fit.