PLAYGround Digital Announces Unique Features for PLAYMessenger, a Communications App Providing a Safe Environment for Children Ages 4 and up

PLAYGround Digital announces that PLAYMessenger is the only app for iOS and Android that provides children ages 4 and up with the tools and safeguards that enable them to chat safely online. The app, which is leading the way in the relatively new territory of mobile communication for kids, lets children talk with their friends and family through SMS, email, and group chatunder the strict supervision and approval of their parents.

PLAYMessenger is a versatile communications tool built from the ground up with the needs of kids and their parents in mind. Like other messaging apps, users can send texts, photos and voice notes to the people who are important to them. Where PLAYMessenger really stands out is through its layers of security features that ensure kids are kept safe and preserve parents’ peace of mind.

While anyone can sign up, users are unable to share information that identifies them personally, such as email addresses and phone numbers, which safeguards children from predators. Parents can review, approve or block any of their child’s contacts through the PLAYMessenger MyKids section, as well as monitor all messages that have been sent and received. Using the app’s Trust Mode, parents may turn any aspects of the chat on or off, depending on the level of freedom they wish to grant their child. Additionally, AI-powered language filters can detect inappropriate language, instances of bullying and stop this negative content from reaching the user. It also notifies parents if their child repeatedly attempts to send bad language. A report button allows children to register inappropriate or bad behaviour directly from the chat screen.

Moreover, users can only send photos, voice messages and texts if they have been verified through a third-party children’s online privacy company PRIVOa PLAYGround Digital partner. PLAYMessenger comes with a bank of approved words and phrases, which limits communication between users who have not been authenticated by the company.

Despite the fact that 56 percent of children between the ages of 8 and 12 own a smartphone, most chat apps are not appropriate for children to use. Popular messaging app Kik, for example, is aimed at users 17+ and photo messaging app Snapchat is only recommended for users over the age of 13. Neither app has safeguards put in place that would allow young children to use them safely. PLAYMessenger is the only PRIVO partnered, COPPA compliant app option that prioritizes children’s safety.

There is a major concern among parents that children using messaging apps like Kik and Snapchat are vulnerable to outsiders,” said CEO and PLAYGround Digital Co-founder Danish Ahmed. “Frighteningly for parents, there are numerous cases of kids being asked to meet up with Kik users, and it’s all happening without their knowledge and outside their control. We realized when parents complained to us about the problems and concerns they have that a solution did not yet exist. It’s exciting to create solutions that actually are useful and can have a positive impact on society.

Moreover, as part of the app’s educational experience, PLAYMessenger has partnered with “McGruff  the Crime Dog” to provide children with McGruff emojis and safety advice within app.

“The company’s objective is not only to provide parents and children with a safe way to communicate online, but also to educate children to the potential dangers of instant messaging, and to provide them with the tools they need to become informed digital citizens,” adds Ahmed.


PLAYGround Digital was co-founded in 2014 by Danish Ahmed. The company is creating digital training wheels for kids and ensuring that parents and children have the educational tools to grow up with technology safely and to become responsible digital citizens. PLAYGround Digital’s unique innovations and partnerships place them at the forefront of an industry in its infancy: communication apps for children.

Breaking News Trivia App Newsmeister Attracts 15K New Users In First 3 Months.

NEW YORK, August 14, 2015, Newsmeister announced today that it has reached the 15,000 user milestone in less than three months. The trivia app presents users with three-minute long games that keep them both entertained and up-to-date with current events.   

In today’s fast-moving, mobile world, Newsmeister provides a fun and convenient way to stay on top of political and social news. The startup’s goal is to engage people in current events whenever they have time, whether they are on the subway, on their coffee break, or relaxing on the couch at home. Since launching in May, Newsmeister’s user base has grown rapidly in the U.S., as well as in Canada, the U.K, Russia and Italy.

In the app, players battle against the clock to answer questions based on trending news stories from around the world. The quizzes are updated daily, so even the most avid newsreader remains challenged and informed. Gone are the days of answering pub quiz questions about 1980s football champions — Newsmeister tests users’ knowledge about the world around them in real time, and with the added fun of friendly competition.

In addition, Newsmeister provides brief contextual information about each question topic, as well as a link to a related article once they submit an answer. This enables users to conveniently dive deeper into the stories that interest them.

“Reading the news is critically important because it’s how people stay informed about what is going on in their communities and the world,” said Tim Holmgren, CEO and Founder of Newsmeister. “There is this widespread idea that Millennials are not interested in current events, but this is inaccurate. They just have different ways of consuming it. Newsmeister was built for this new paradigm.”  

Millennials are voracious consumers of the news. Eighty-five percent of Millennials say that keeping up with the news is at least somewhat important to them, and 69 percent say they read news everyday. According to the American Press Institute, “This newest generation of American adults is anything but “newsless,” passive, or civically uninterested, although their reading habits are ‘strikingly different’ than previous generations.” Unsurprisingly, Millennials lead other age groups in media consumption on smartphones, and they prefer to read the news in “discrete” sessions that are woven throughout their day.  

Newsmeister was built with these habits in mind. Moreover, Newsmeister delivers a social experience, as social media’s influence over what people read continues to grow. Users can invite their family and friends to compete via Facebook or email, or play with other members of the Newsmeister community. To show how you stack up, the app shows a percentage of how many players worldwide answered the question correctly.

The app is available for free download on iOS and Android. The Apple App Store rated the Newsmeister app with 4.5/5 after minor beta launch glitches were rectified.

About Newsmeister

Founded in 2015, Newsmeister urges users to “Read the News. Play The Game. Learn Something New.” Showing the door to boring, outdated trivia questions for which you need an encyclopaedia to answer, the trivia app deals only in current events happening in the world around you right now.