Apple’s App Store To Feature Juana y los Amigos de la Granja, The Rokk3r Labs And Juana La Iguana App, For 7 Days Ahead Of Mexico’s Children’s Day

April 28, 2015 – Miami-based Rokk3r Labs announces that recently released iOS language learning app Juana y los Amigos de la Granja was selected by Apple to be a Featured Kids App in Latin America for seven days starting on April 23 and ending on April 30 — Mexico’s Children’s Day.

The app, based on a popular Latin American television show that received the Parent´s Choice Gold Award, brings the beloved TV character to the new digital age and a new generation. It aims to develop a proactive interest in children around the world to learn languages and positive values, as well as discover the colorful culture of Latin America.

Led by’s former Vice President of Publishing and Cross-Platform Products, Charles Walter, veteran TV producer and creator of Juana La Iguana, Tania Gilinski, feature film director Amanda Quijano, and developed by Rokk3r Labs, Juana y los Amigos de la Granja features immersive gameplay to engage and enhance the learning and appreciation of Latin culture for children between the ages of 2 and 5.

“Within the Cobuild paradigm, Juana La Iguana and Rokk3r Labs have created Juana y los Amigos de la Granja, an enhanced learning platform that stands out in a sea of kids apps,” says German Montoya, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy & Creative Officer at Rokk3r Labs. “Beyond key cognitive and vocabulary skills, children learn about being good human beings – for example, to help people and care for the environment,” he adds.

Starting Thursday, April 23 at 4:00 PM CDT, the Apple App Store will promote Juana y los Amigos de la Granja as a featured kids app for seven days with the final day culminating on Children’s Day in Mexico, the most populous Spanish-speaking country in Latin America.

“We are thrilled to have Juana y los Amigos de la Granja receive this standout recognition as a featured app in the Apple App Store so recently after it was launched,” says Rokk3r Labs co-founder and CEO Nabyl Charania. “It’s a real testament to the intelligent and creative insight of Juana La Iguana’s visionary, Tania Gilinski, and the cobuild process, and to the notion that a widespread appetite exists for the next generation of learning tools.”


Rokk3r Labs launches companies through its comprehensive cobuilding approach, leveraging sound business practices and entrepreneurial experience with a proven and profound understanding of the modern digital world. Rokk3r Labs’ specialized team of engineers, creatives, and strategists propel ideas into amazing companies. Structured to mitigate risks and maximize business opportunities, Rokk3r Labs is committed to the future of its portfolio companies. Learn more at

Chekk Announces New iPhone Version, Offers A New Way To Manage Our Personal Data And Contextualize Our Expanding Digital Lives

Chekk launches the new version of its iPhone app with improved features, a simplified on-boarding setup, and a new visual design for a more controlled user experience. Building on its beta released in 2014, Chekk gives users the ability to easily manage their personal data and contextualize any number of digital engagement channels to suit their individual lifestyles via a single app.

For users wanting more than just a basic aggregator app, Chekk acts as a secure personal data wallet, as well as a platform for bringing together email, social networks, and news content from across the web.

Counting on end-to-end security, Chekk can be a storage platform for as much or as little personal data as the user requires. This personal information can be organized into any number of user-created Profiles that can be easily shared with both contacts and businesses. Chekk’s Profiles and filters can enable users to contextualize the aggregation of any number of social networks, email accounts, and news channels via the app’s redesigned “Stream”, which can be fully customized to display collected content based on a user’s lifestyle contexts (e.g., family, friends, work, and more).

For Chekk Founder and CEO, Pascal Nizri, it is the focus on overall content contextualization — within the app’s information Profiles and Stream — that gives Chekk users a fresh perspective on how to manage their personal data and effectively consume and share content.

“At work I can contextualize my Stream to display social network activity, news, and work related content — mails and posts by work colleagues, financial news and so on. Chekk displays what is relevant to me at that point in time no matter the original source or channel, and filters out any unwanted noise from the other parts of my digital life,” explains Mr Nizri, a veteran Senior Executive of one of the biggest bank in the world. “At home my digital consumption and engagement differs, focusing more on news about travel, social posts and emails from friends and family. Chekk makes this engagement an easy activity without making us jump from app to app on our devices,” he adds.

With the new on-boarding process, Chekk users need only take a few steps to set up their account, which is easily customized later on for a more in-depth management experience. Additionally, the visual design across the app has been updated to be more appealing with new icons, buttons and practical drop down menus. Editing modes for information datasets have also been bolstered to give users increased flexibility, allowing them to layout their Profiles and Stream in their own way.

“The redesigned features give users a more personalized experience with more flexibility to set up their Chekk Profiles and Stream to suit their personal styles of information management,” explains Mr Nizri.

With the increasing trust tensions between consumers and businesses apps such as Chekk that are able to securely store information in a centralized platform are becoming invaluable tools for both consumers and businesses alike. According to Pew Research, 91% of American adults in 2014 feel that they have lost control over how personal information are collected and used by businesses. Financial institutions, marketing businesses, and retailers can use Chekk to engage with their customers via news or social posts, and request access to up to date important personal information — which are critical for sales, servicing and compliance activities, and can be used to rebuild overall customer trust.

By allowing users to have an unlimited number of data Profiles to store and share personal and social information, and the ability to easily organize their individual information Streams, Chekk is set to improve how we contextually view and manage our digital engagement habits.


Founded by 13-year HSBC veteran Pascal Nizri, Chekk is more than a personal data storage and sharing tool; a mobile visual cards service to manage your personal and professional brands; and an aggregator of emails, news and social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). It’s a powerful and secure ecosystem which provides digital context. The Chekk App is free and open as it aggregates mass amounts of information from outside of Chekk and everything can be shared via email with people not yet using the App.

Backed By $1.2M In Funding, Sense Launches Collaborative Data Science Platform

San Francisco-based Sense announces the launch of the Sense Data Science Cloud, aims to power the future of data-driven science and business via its high-productivity analytics platform.

Backed by Andrew McCollum, one of the founding team members of Facebook, early Facebook engineer Darian Shirazi, former Microsoft Chief Economist Susan Athey, and Scott Banister — founder of Cisco-acquired IronPort — Sense launches a supercharged cloud platform for data science that allows unparalleled collaboration and ease-of-use, elastic scalability, and rapid development of big data analytics solutions.

Powered by Docker, Sense’s cloud platform integrates the latest data analysis tools — such as R, Python, and Spark — for the first time into a unified solution to accelerate data science production. Analytical tools such as R can now be loaded in seconds as interactive sessions on high-performance cloud containers or run as part of automated pipelines, allowing data scientists to rapidly build solutions without the need for costly infrastructure or server administration.

With its launch and propelled by its recent funding of $1.2M from Granite Ventures, Illuminate ventures, and a wide range of prominent angels, Sense now aims to bring data science to every organization.

“Sense embraces the massive shift towards open-source technologies and away from proprietary ones, such as Matlab and SAS, to give users an end-to-end platform that accelerates the entire lifecycle of data science from exploration to production,” says Sense Co-founder and CEO Tristan Zajonc, a Harvard University PhD. “Users of Sense can easily build analytics pipelines using the most powerful tools, share their results with others, and deploy their solutions without worrying about infrastructure,” he adds.

Sense is built from the ground up to support rapid-fire analytics of data of any size. Users can instantly scale their analysis without worrying about servers and distribute their analysis beyond a single machine using Sense’s R and Python libraries or integration with Spark and Hadoop.

“Sense radically simplifies building modern data science and Big Data analytics solutions. All the complex details around provisioning compute resources, versioning files, sharing reproducible analyses, orchestrating analytics pipelines, and deploying predictive models are handled by Sense,” says Co-Founder and CTO Anand Patil, a University of California PhD in applied mathematics and statistics. “By taking care of the common challenges faced by data scientists and data-driven enterprises, we can offer a secure end-to-end solution for modern data science that can be easily deployed in the cloud or on-premise,” he explains.

To ensure the security of sensitive data, Sense can be deployed on-premise or within a Virtual Private Cloud for customers who wish to keep their data behind a company-controlled firewall.

“Organizations are starting to realize data science is the key to building a competitive advantage with data,” says CEO Tristan Zajonc. With this in mind, the team at Sense sees the fragmentation that is evident in the analytics ecosystem today as an opportunity. The enterprise data hubs and “data lakes” provided by solutions like Cloudera and Hortonworks are far removed from the visualization and BI tools offered by companies like Tableau and Looker. With Sense, data scientists who are caught in the middle now have the powerful tools to simplify their work in order to build the next-generation of analytics solutions.

According to an Accenture and General Electric study in 2014, 87% of enterprises believe Big Data analytics will redefine the competitive landscape of their industries within the next three years. By adopting Sense, enterprises can take advantage of this shift from collecting and storing data to applying data science and Big Data analytics.

“By making this an easily accessible platform and by taking advantage of recent technologies like Docker, Spark, and cloud computing, we can put a supercomputer optimized for data science at the fingertips of every data scientist and analyst, something that was never before possible,” says Zajonc.


Founded by PhDs Tristan Zajonc and Anand Patil, Sense ( is a modern cloud platform for data science and big data analytics. Designed for data scientists and data-driven enterprises, Sense offers an end-to-end solution that accelerates the entire lifecycle of data science from exploration to production. Sense is venture backed and headquartered in San Francisco, California.


WORK[Etc] Launches All-In-One CRM iPhone App

San Francisco-based WORK[etc], a Google for Work Authorized Technology Partner, announces the launch of its all-in-one CRM iPhone App, allowing small companies to now run their entire business from a mobile device.

Already used by 1,200 businesses worldwide, WORK[etc]’s new all-in-one CRM app allows teams to completely manage a customer’s lifecycle from closing the initial sale, to delivering the project, invoicing and customer support on any iPhone.

Available via the App Store, this latest release offers a fresh new UI, numerous performance and navigation enhancements, and new as well as overhauled modules for collaboration, support, time tracking, contact and project management.

“This app can be invaluable for entrepreneurs looking to expand their business by making sure every part of their workflow is accessible and easily manageable no matter where they are,” says WORK[etc] founder and CEO Daniel Barnett. “One of the key aspects of WORK[etc] is the app’s intuitive centralized dashboard, which uses iOS’ features to their full extent, giving our users a dynamic experience without requiring them to have major technical expertise,”  he adds.

Moving beyond traditional management solutions that require companies with limited resources to run numerous applications for business-critical aspects, WORK[etc] seamlessly combines the right tools into one user friendly, out of the box platform.

“You can’t run a business on a CRM system alone,” says Barnett. “But that is WORK[etc]’s difference. Our app’s ability to centralize all the necessary business tools from management software to billing and more, in one platform and from one device,” he explains.

Having already tested the Beta platform extensively for the last 6 months, the WORK[etc] team has redesigned many features, such as the contacts module— allowing users to easily reply to co-worker queries, delegate responses from specific project members, and filter entire conversations with a single swipe.

For iOS 8 users, the WORK[etc] features its own widget that is accessible directly from the home screen of the device. This allows users to easily see reminders, view any running timers on projects, and start or pause timesheets without opening the app. Other updates include easy creation and editing of projects and leads, attaching new items to projects, and the ability to edit specific projects with one swipe.

As more small and medium sized businesses turn towards powerful all-in-one software solutions, unique platforms like WORK[etc] are becoming increasingly invaluable for their ability to provide business-critical tools at an affordable price. According to research company Software Advice, the demand from small businesses requesting integrated CRM suites has dramatically risen from 7% in 2013 to 42% in 2014 in the US alone.

“From the start we’ve recognized the need for a hassle-free all-in-one business management solution that goes beyond what the average CRM can do while still keeping it within reach of a small business owner’s budget,” Barnett adds.

With WORK[etc]’s Android mobile app already in the works, the CRM’s unique ability to provide all the necessary tools via one robust mobile platform are set to make it a go-to tool for businesses worldwide.


Founded By Daniel Barnett in 2011, WORK[etc] streamlines workflows by automating many day-to-day tasks and providing real-time insight into how businesses are tracking. WORK[etc} allows businesses to become more efficient with its combined Web CRM, Projects, and Billing platform.


Experfy, Harvard-Backed Big Data Consulting Marketplace, Appoints Peter Diamandis to Board of Advisors

Experfy, the leading online marketplace for Big Data Consulting, has appointed Dr. Peter H. Diamandis to its Board of Advisors. Named by Fortune Magazine as one of the World’s 50 Greatest Leaders, Diamandis is Chairman and CEO of the XPRIZE Foundation and its $10 million Ansari XPRIZE for private spaceflight.  He is also the Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Singularity University, a graduate-level Silicon Valley institution that studies exponentially growing technologies and their ability to transform industries and solve humanity’s grand challenges. Dr. Diamandis holds degrees from MIT and Harvard Medical School.

“Today’s most successful companies are all data-driven,” says Diamandis. “The Experfy team has developed an ecosystem that allows businesses and highly qualified data-scientists to connect and develop powerful algorithms that can deliver 10x or 100x performance and growth.”

“We’re gratified that Dr. Diamandis views Experfy as an emerging force in Big Data Consulting,” says Experfy Co-Founder Sarabjot Kaur. “His guidance will be invaluable in bringing the power of Big Data to companies that don’t have their own data scientists. Google, Amazon, and Facebook were all built on data, and now every company can take advantage of qualified data experts to help them predict and control their own future. The promise of Big Data is now available to all.”   

Based at the Harvard Innovation Lab, Experfy, Inc., is a big data consulting marketplace where organizations hire vetted experts to help them profit from the ever-increasing amount of data at their disposal. All Experfy experts undergo a rigorous screening process to ensure that they are qualified to take on complex data, analytics, and business intelligence engagements. Experfy’s proprietary data platform, tools, and processes yield previously-hidden insights for dozens of clients, enabling them to enter new markets, reduce costs, and accelerate growth. For more information, go to

Professionally Secure Launches Kickstarter Campaign For Its AnonyStik USB Device

Virginia-based Professionally Secure LLC is set to launch a Kickstarter campaign for its new AnonyStik USB device, aims to give us full digital protection for our personal computers and online activities via a user-friendly and simple portable device.

Founded by a team of ethical hacking, network security, and information privacy protection professionals, Professionally Secure LLC has now developed the AnonyStik device, a USB stick of varying storage sizes that counts with its own operating system and secure storage capabilities that can be used on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X computers.

Building on the technology of Professionally Secure LLC’s previously developed devices Secure PC Xtreme and Secure PC Pro, the new AnonyStik USB includes a suite of features and tools that guarantee complete protection of a user’s computer against viruses and malware, has the ability to provide complete online privacy — including the option of IP address masking and anonymous web browsing — and tools to easily encrypt any saved files.

Available in 8, 32, 64, and 128 GB storage sizes (all equipped with USB 3.0), AnonyStik’s software tools include a TOR browser for anonymous web surfing, productivity tools, chatting tools capable of anonymous chatting, an office suite, torrent download manager, password management tools, and email apps.

Once plugged into a user’s computer, AnonyStik’s unique operating system overlays the computers existing system as a non-persistent operating system. As AnonyStik is designed to ‘start fresh’ every time a user boots up their computer, any viruses or malware that may have been downloaded in previous sessions are non-existent.

“This USB device is basically a computer within a computer. All of your online activities will be contained within the device, meaning that nothing will affect the desktop or laptop hard drive that you are using,” says Professionally Secure President, Beshwi Shenouda. “We started this project because we believe every person has the right to secure and private computing. You should not have to worry about viruses, spyware, hackers, and government surveillance every time you use a computer or access the web,” he adds.

For home users, Shenouda explains, the system allows them to do everything, from word processing, to web surfing, and even encrypt and save files using AnonyStik’s military-grade cryptography.

With its powerful features and flexible system design, business users of AnonyStik can have a peace of mind for employees connecting to private company networks remotely. AnonyStik’s encrypted storage capability means that workers can save sensitive documents on the device and take it with them. Any of these users can then take the USB device, plug it into any Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X operating system, and be able to view, encrypt, and decrypt files wherever they are no matter what computer they use.

“This can be applied to everyone, from students who need a secure place to keep their files, to individuals, business people, and even travelers,” says Shenouda. “The key to AnonyStik is not only its ability to provide an unparalleled secure computing environment, but its ability to connect to the most widely used operating systems. This means that the user can take the USB wherever they go, plug it in, view their files and surf the webs as they would do on their personal PC,” he adds.

Although other devices such as Icloak and Ninjastick offer similar security solutions, Shenouda explains, AnonyStik stands out in its ability to provide the most comprehensive security features that include virus and malware protection, privacy, online anonymity, and encryption-enabled file storage capability that allows to view, encrypt, and decrypt files from any operating system. AnonyStik’s flexible design also makes it a more robust and highly functional product that is both economical and easy to use.

As our digital presence continues to become an integral part of our everyday lives — professionally and privately — the impact of a security risks like a viruses on our computers are exponentially increasing. According to the AV TEST Institute, over 390,000 new malware and viruses are registered every day.

Now with the launch of the Kickstarter campaign for AnonyStik, offering heavily discounted AnonyStik USB devices for backers who pledge $20 or more, Professionally Secure’s dynamic product is set to gather momentum and be produced for a global user base looking to maintain online privacy and full digital security.



Founded in 2014 by digital security professionals based in Virginia, Professionally Secure LLC is a Cyber Security company made up of certified professionals with a life-long passion for security and privacy. AnonyStik, the company’s first product is an all-in-one USB stick device that has its own operating system and secure storage volume for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X computers, giving users full protection against viruses and malware while offering a suite of useful security and productivity tools.