The Network Union Announces Two New Awards

With the announcement of two prominent industry awards, The Network Union is solidifying its place as a premier British Telecom (BT) partner, aiming to change the way international and United Kingdom businesses procure BT services.

Started as a connectivity consultancy group with the goal of disrupting the telecom industry, The Network Union has since become an Authorized Business Partner of British Telecom, specializing in the sale of medium to enterprise-scale wide area network (WAN) solutions, specifically MPLS, VPLS and Ethernet. The Network Union works directly with potential and existing BT clients to design connectivity strategies that meet business-specific requirements and provide maximum value for IT procurement teams. In this way, Network Union has positioned itself at the focal point of telecom industry penetration and market outreach. With the recognition afforded by BT’s 2014 Business Innovation Award and New Partner of the Year accolade, The Network Union is poised to become a leader in niche market connectivity solutions.

“We offer the personalized attention of a boutique firm, backed by the full support and technical backing of one of the global giants in telecommunications,” says mindmap creator and BT IP Clear and BT IP Connect expert, Robert Sturt, founder and director of The Network Union. “We bring end users the customized connectivity solutions they can only get from close interaction with the logistical capabilities and service guarantee only an industry leader like BT can provide.”

The Network Union helps individual clients navigate the dizzying, highly technical field of point-to-point and point-to-multipoint Virtual Private LAN Systems (VPLS) and Multiprotocol Label Switching (MLPS), with a step-by-step business alignment process that determines the ideal value proposition for each customer, be it on a national or global scale. The Network Union consultancy ensures optimized performance and cost-saving models for businesses, taking into account individual goals, budgetary restrictions, and industry-specific demands, and all The Network Union clients can count on the full backing of BT and its massive international customer support and service team.

Where The Network Union is truly innovative, however, is in its own position within the telecom industry.

“The overwhelming pressure in the business world is to innovate, but I find most people misunderstand what that implies. Innovation doesn’t have to mean reinventing the wheel, or creating a whole new industry. There are plenty of overlooked opportunities to add immense value on both ends of the consumer spectrum,” says Sturt, who worked for Verizon before founding The Network Union.

“We looked at the high turnover and often bulky operational structure of the major telecom providers, and saw the need for a dynamic, customer-oriented service that could move quickly and devote individual attention to improve efficiency, customer satisfaction, and sales. Working with BT has been a great and mutually beneficial partnership, and the role we serve as an interlocutor has meant more satisfaction and better performance for the client. That’s the power of niche thinking, and in the end, that’s just as radical as any brave new idea.”

The Network Union recently won the 2014 BT Business Innovation Award and New Partner of the Year recognition for the added value its brought to customers and BT sales teams.

The company, says Sturt, is already looking to bring its niche model to Cisco’s technology services. After having established itself as an innovator in the BT global network, The Network Union is poised to change the way enterprise designs connectivity solutions.



The Network Union is a British Telecom (BT) Authorized Business Partner, whose focus is on transforming the sales process by which medium and enterprise-scale organizations procure BT global or UK Wide Area Networks. The Network Union recently won the 2014 BT Business Innovation Award and New Partner of the Year recognition for the added value its brought to customers and BT sales teams.


Cleanint Launches The Cleanstylus For Tablets,

Texas-based Cleanint announces the launch if its Cleanstylus line for Microsoft, Apple and Android tablet devices, aims to create the next generation of stylish and practical tablet accessories.

Having already produced a number of unique products focused on promoting public health by combining medical expertise with practicality, the Cleanint team has now developed a line of stylus holders that solves the common problem of stylus storage on an expanding range of mobile devices.

Designed to be compatible with 99% of tablets on the market — including Android tablets up to 10mm thick — the new Cleanstylus can be fastened to left and right hand corners of the device, avoiding unnecessary obstruction of both the camera and the tablet’s surface.

Utilizing a reusable adhesive technology that replaces glue with high quality rubber to ensure maximum grip, the Cleanstylus can be applied and removed with minimum effort leaving no residue or damage on the device’s surface.

“The Cleanstylus’ reusable design means that it can be seamlessly transferred between numerous tablets, and its placement can be easily altered on the device to suit the user’s specific needs,” says CEO and Founder of Cleanint Tuan Dam. “Our focus on both durability and elegant design for the Cleanstylus has resulted in a product that looks great on even the newest tablets without losing its practicality,” he adds.

Once the Cleastylus is securely fastened to the tablet, Dam explains, users can choose to permanently store their stylus by sliding it into the clip, or temporarily secure it by snapping it in from the back to allow quick and easy access.

”One of the best features that any tablet has is the stylus, specially with the newer devices that have incredible displays that complement its use for a number of applications,” Dam says. “Without an adequate storage place, something that has been flagged with the new Microsoft Surface Pro for example, many people are misplacing their stylus and, in turn, losing a great feature,” he adds.

Driven by Cleanint’s motto “It’s Simple – It’s Clean”, the Cleantylus’ offers its users a straightforward and effective solution.

As mobile devices continue to become invaluable tools of our everyday lives, both in our business and personal circles, more and more users look to accessories such as the Cleastylus for both practicality and productivity. According to 2014 Pew Research Institute figures, market penetration of tablets has reached 42% of adults in the US alone.

“The growth of the industry over the last few years has been astounding, but current trends see tablets becoming more and more compact along with thinner designs,” Dam says. “This poses a problem for developers wanting to add adequate storage space for a stylus, which is arguably one of a user’s biggest concerns,” he adds.

With this seemingly exponential growth of the tablet industry in mind, the Cleanint team has looked to develop a stylus holder that allows the user to stay productive while being able to express themselves through their new devices.

Available in 5 colors via the Cleanint website, the Cleanstylus for the Microsoft Surface Pro has a cost of just $19.95 while the iPad and Android version will set users back between $14.95 and $24.95.


Founded in 2009 and based in Austin, Texas, Cleanint began with a singular concept: it’s simple — it’s clean. What does “it’s simple — it’s clean” mean? It means innovative products that perform flawlessly without getting in your way. It means practical solutions to let people work and play with complete peace of mind. It means learning from consumers on how Cleanint can improve the quality of their lives through thoughtful designs. The company has already developed three products focused on promoting public health: the CleanintUV, the Cleanstethoscope, Cleanpen, and the Cleanhands.

ExactDrive Reaches Milestone of 1,000 User Sign Ups

ExactDrive announces its newest milestone of 1,000 worldwide user signups for its online self-serve advertising platform, aiming to give businesses an unprecedented tailored control of their online advertising campaigns.

With the company now boasting a new office in Milwaukee, WI, an increasing amount of businesses continue to sign up to ExactDrive’s transparent self-advertising online platform, allowing them full control in every facet of their advertising campaigns.

Conducted completely online, this turnkey solution allows businesses to log onto the platform quickly and manage their entire campaign details from specific online targeting, to placement and inventory. This gives the client not just market specific optimization, but also a tailored campaign for a specific budget.

“We have created an innovative platform that allows advertisers to simply tailor their ad campaign by handpicking specific aspects that will help optimize what they see is the best fit for their company,” says ExactDrive founding partner Tim Nichols. “By giving businesses the ability to dictate key components, access detailed analysis, and specify demographic and geographic targeting information, ExactDrive gives a honed business-specific online campaign,” he adds.

This type of oversight and transparency of the platform, he explains, ensures that clients gain both value for their investment and their campaign targets the exact audience they are looking for.

This level of targeting provided by the ExactDrive platform has been applied by a number of leading businesses and organizations across numerous sectors, including e-commerce, technology, entertainment, politics and travel.

According to Nichols, leading low-cost airline Jet Blue utilized the ExactDrive platform to maximize their revenue stream in particularly high competitive times of the year. Using ExactDrive, the airline was able to target specific holiday flight deals, such as from New York to the Dominican Republic, and target their marketing campaign to people living in those areas.

“As a result millions of NYC residents saw the JetBlue campaign, which generated thousands of new visitors on the JetBlue website,” Nichols explains. “The level of careful planning and insightful analysis that the platform offers can actually make a remarkable difference for any business advertising online,” he adds.

The platform also allows users to have the ExactDrive team work behind the scenes to plan, manage and execute successful online ad campaigns in order to give businesses they freedom they need to focus on other operational aspects.

As online advertising becomes a standard channel for any business to reach and expand their customer base, the amount of money being spent on campaigns continues to increase every year. Although popular marketing strategies such as social media targeting campaigns may be considered to be less expensive than other media, the average cost per action (CPA) can be difficult to measure and may therefore not give the advertiser an accurate insight of the campaign’s actual impact.

“Advertisers traditionally have very little control over online ad campaigns. This can sometimes lead not only to increased costs, but an overall lack of direction when it comes to determining specific targeting, inventory selection, and placement,” Nichols says. “We look to re-define the role of the advertiser to results in a successful tailored campaign that aligns with their business brand, budget and schedule,” he adds.

ExactDrive seeks to compliment any business model by offering a self-serve advertising platform where a user can signup, put in a credit card and get their campaigns online quickly, or an option for the advertiser to have their campaign(s) be partially or fully managed by ExactDrive.

Now with an expanded user base, a growing number of integrated media partners — such as, — and a number of main data partners, including,, and comScore-acquired, ExactDrive looks to be at the forefront of digital advertising solutions.


Founded in 2008 Tim Nichols and Eric Greener, ExactDrive simplifies online advertising with strategic expertise and innovative insight you can’t find anywhere else. ExactDrive’s self-serve advertising platform coupled with offered managed campaign planning, management and optimization services deliver measurable value, empowering clients to find precisely targeted audiences and generate desired results.

AppInstitute announces $750K investment to bring mobile Apps to small businesses everywhere

UK-Based AppInstitute announces a $750K investment by the Foresight Nottingham Fund. Dubbed the ‘Wordpress’ for mobile Apps, AppInstitute aims to be at the forefront of the mobile App platform industry.

AppInstitute’s cloud-based service aims to reshape the App market by providing a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that allows businesses and individuals with little to no prior technical knowledge to create their own mobile App for iPhone and Android devices.

Whether they be in the food industry, m-commerce, event booking, messaging, customer loyalty, data capture, GEO listings, or rich content (HTML, images, video), businesses of any size can use the platform’s software to create a mobile App that suits their specific needs.

Via its web-based platform, AppInstitute provides its users with a complete solution to enable them to harness the growing demand for mobile Apps and the business growth they can facilitate.

Foresight Nottingham Fund’s investment to support AppInstitute’s CEO Ian Naylor and CTO/COO Justin Ashurst, as well as Chairman Paul Brennan, provides the company with development capital to drive further growth and job creation in the years ahead.

“We believe every business should be able to harness the benefits a mobile App will bring to their business in order to compete against their larger counterparts. The fact that Nottingham has this dedicated a regional fund with a mandate to support businesses like ours in the area is a testament to the vision and commitment that Foresight has shown to the region,” says AppInstitute CEO Ian Naylor.

With a customer base that includes all small-to-medium-sized businesses, and start-ups, AppInstitute experienced a steady growth in recent years.

Now with new investment from the Fund set to unlock additional capacity, the company’s growth trajectory is forecast to accelerate.

AppInstitute is a beneficiary of the Foresight Group’s $60 millionNottingham fund to invest in local businesses, explains Naylor.

With its central operations based out of Nottingham’s Creative Quarter, AppInstitute qualified for the fund thanks to a strong management team, sustainable competitive advantage, and operations in attractive markets around the globe.

“We are delighted to be supporting an ambitious management team through the investment in AppInstitute, which is a great example of the creative and dynamic technology businesses based in the city,” says Tom Thorp, Director of the Foresight Nottingham Fund.

With over 60% of online purchases in the UK being made on a mobile device, making it over a $10 Billion industry, the demand for obtainable and affordable mobile App solutions is sure to continue rising.


Monitr Launches Its Finance API For Developers

Monitr launches its finance API for developers, providing new tools to analyze sentiment and trends in economic data, financial news and social media.

The Monitr API provides access to both historical and real-time data and gives developers, financial institutions, businesses, and individuals new tools and information to analyze financial markets at scale and market speed.

The Monitr API is purpose built for the financial marketplace and designed for use by institutions that expect near instantaneous notifications of market moving events. Monitr’s API provides access to millions of historical news items, analysis for thousands of equities, markets and industry sectors.

The API is available to developers using traditional financial tools and platforms including Java, OCaml, C++, Haskell, Ruby and Python. The API is accessed via a RESTful interface or for realtime applications and event notifications.

The Monitr API can be accessed at


Monitr is a technology and data services company which specializes in the analysis of news, opinion and social media for financial markets.